At the time of writing, Rapman’s triology “Shiro Story” has generated a collective of well over 10 million views on Youtube. Social media platforms have been going wild for the content and the storyline has held much debate. With the recent release of Part 3, it raises the question of whether the Rap scene is missing more Story Telling type content? Or with the success of Rapman’s work, will we now see an increase in this type of Rap?

There has always been a debate about the substance of some Rap music. Let’s not create a misunderstanding as music in general is about story telling in some way, shape or form. It usually comes down to the delivery of the song and this can mean it can become quite subjective as to what is classed as a “Story Telling” track and what is not. Every artist has a way of going about constructing a song in a different way, hence why some songs end up getting branded into the “Story Telling” style of rap.

Story Telling Rap is not a new concept and it is one that has been around for years. In the early 2000’s and in the earlier years of his career, Plan B was known for Story Telling Rap with tracks such as “Charmaine”.

As just mentioned, Story Telling Rap has always been present but it has always been dominated by other styles and concepts. Way before “Shiro’s Story”, Rapman released his “Blue Story” back in 2014 on SBTV which highlights the issue among Postcode Wars. It is not just Rapman that has adopted the concept though. Back in 2015, Cadet made a burst onto the scene with his track “Slut” and since then has released tracks such as “Letter to Krept” and “Closure”. Also, Big Tobz recently released the track “Woke” which sends out the message of stopping knife crime.

The list of artists that have conducted Story Telling Rap songs is an extensive one but with the success of Rapman’s work, in particular, “Shiro’s Story”, there could well be an increase of these types of tracks. At the end of the day, as stated before, everyone has their own style and way of composing a track so it is solely down to the artist themselves. It is important to remember though that Rapman’s work has not only create content that is appealing to more of the masses but it has also diverisied the UK scene even further.

There is even hope that Shiro’s Story gets turned into a Netflix series. Speaking on Capital Xtra, Rapman has explained that he does not know whether a Part 4 will be in the making due to wanting to take it even further and turn it into a TV series or even a movie.

“We done what we can for Youtube…We want Netflix, we want…Maybe…The movie”

For now, as fans, we have to wait to see what is store and in the meantime, you can watch all three parts of Rapman’s “Shiro’s Story” below: